Stellé Audio Mini-Clutch Is Both a Speaker and an Actual Clutch

When Stellé Audio came out with the Clutch, we were just a little disappointed that it was a wireless speaker that looked like a clutch, instead of a speaker tucked away inside a clutch that you could actually use to carry a few essentials around. Not so with the Mini-Clutch, which has storage space in addition to speakers on the surface.

Like all products from Stellé Audio, the Mini-Clutch is designed to be fashion accessory first. It comes with a removable chain-link strap long enough to wear over the shoulder or across the body, but you can also use the interchangeable bangles that come with the Mini-Clutch to wear it on your wrist. Inside, there’s enough space to hold things like cards, keys, and cosmetics, and there’s a built-in mirror on the inside to help you apply the latter.

Oh, and it’s a speaker, too. The Mini-Clutch has Bluetooth connectivity and a six-watt digital amplifier that powers the speakers on the surface of the clutch. There’s also a built-in microphone, so you can use the Mini-Clutch as a speakerphone, too. The battery should last about 15 hours on one charge, and can be used in a pinch to charge your mobile devices thanks to a USB port near the clasp.

The Mini-Clutch will be available soon from Stellé Audio for £129 (about $211) for the Metallic Blue with Silver Love Graffiti and Metallic Purple with Gold Love Graffiti designs and £169 (about $276) for the Dazzling Diamonds design.

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