The Tube Television Lives On As a Cardboard TV iPad Stand

Yes, there were times when no one cared about how thin a television was. The new iPad TV Stand hearkens back to those times, when there were only, like, three channels, and you had to get up and turn a dial to change between them. Why are we remembering these times again?

Anyway, this stand is shaped like one of those old transistor televisions, except this one is made of cardboard for some reason. That means it’s also a DIY project when you take it out of the box, so I guess this is the IKEA furniture of the iPad stand world. The face has all the dials and knobs of old, and the ‘Safari TV’ in old-fashioned font is an especially nice touch. Also, it looks like it stands up your iPad at a pretty solid viewing angle for watching movies, so that’s a bonus.

The iPad TV Stand is on Perpetual Kid now for $30.