Acme Made Creates Stylish New Kickstand Case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The bigger they are, the more you need a stand—after all, how long do you really want to hold up a 5″ phone? Acme Made is hitting Kickstarter with a nifty kickstand case for Apple’s newest phones, and it looks like a pretty solid choice.

Despite only being 14 mm thick, the Charge Case packs in a couple of really handy features. One is the kickstand, which stays flush with the case when retracted. To contrast with the rest of the case, it’s made of carbon fiber and has a glossy finish. The carbon fiber makes it sturdy enough to easily support the weight of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The stand can prop your phone up in landscape or portrait orientation and hides a small recess in the back of the case that holds a small Lightning charging cable, so you don’t need to carry your longer one around with you.

The case itself should give your iPhone standard protection, thanks to a polycarbonate build. You can get a Charge Case now for $25 on an Early Bird Special. After that, getting a case will require a $50 contribution to the Kickstarter. You’ll be able to get the Charge Case in multiple color combinations, too.