Dell Smart Desk Concept Could Be the Workspace of the Future


Dell had plenty of product announcements this year at their Dell World event in Austin, but the most interesting nugget might be something that’s still in the concept stage. The Dell Smart Desk concept does pretty much what it says, taking a a flat tabletop and making it a whole lot more useful.


The smart desk we saw combined a standard PC display perched in front of a large 10-point touch tablet set into the surface of the desk itself. The two were paired together, and ran applications that were designed specifically for the dual-display setup. Similar to HP’s new Sprout PC, which, although it’s seeing commercial release, is a bit like a concept model itself, users can interact with the horizontal display to control or manipulate programs on the vertical display. A specialized stylus allows for more creative options when working with the horizontal screen, as well.

Like the HP Sprout, something like the Dell Smart Desk would require its own software, and would live or die on third party support. Unlike the HP Sprout, the smart desk is just a pipe dream for now—there’s no indication that this will be sold anytime soon, or if Dell even has plans to bring it to market. But, as a sign of things to come, the Dell Smart Desk gives us a pretty cool look at what workspaces of the future will look like once this technology gets a little more affordable.