First Android 5.0 Lollipop Updates Arrive for Motorola Devices

As expected, the first batch of devices getting the Android 5.0 Lollipop update are the stock Android devices from Motorola. The 2nd gen Moto X (stock Android version only) and 2nd gen Moto G (U.S. and global versions) will receive the OS update very soon, if they haven’t already.

The rollout for those devices has begun, so periodically check your phone’s settings for available updates if you have one of the above. Android 5.0, which debuted on the new Nexus 6, features Material Design, a new mobile design scheme that uses the cards of Google Now as a jumping off point. It’s also bringing pop-up notifications that can be addressed from the lock screen or within running apps. Even better, there will now be an option to stop notifications at certain times of the day, like when you’re trying to get some sleep, along with a guest setting for use if a friend wants to use your phone ‘for a second’.

No word on which devices will be next, but at least now we know Google’s gotten the ball rolling.