Your Home is About To Become a Genius with These 7 Cool Quirky and GE Devices


The smart home devices, they’re raining down on us! GE has teamed up with Quirky, the invention engine with the unimportant CEO, to push out seven new smart home devices for your consideration. Turns out, they’re really digging deep for ideas these days.



One is called Tripper ($40 for a two-pack), which is simple but undeniably useful. It’s a sensor for windows and doors, and will tell you from your smartphone whether they’re open or closed. Sounds like something only for the laziest of people, but hey, if you’ve ever gotten nice and comfortable in bed all to get hit with doubts about whether or not you left a window open, something like Tripper would be handy. Speaking of doors, there’s also Ascend, a $100 garage door opener. Again, if you’re in bed and are unsure, that’s when you’ll want it, although $100 seems awfully steep.


Tapt and Outlink are competitors for smart home devices we’ve already seen. Tapt ($60) is another smart lighting device, albeit one that throws in the ability to dim lights from a smartphone, not just turn them off and on. Outlink ($50) serves as a wall outlet and tells you how much energy is being used by the appliances plugged into it.


Overflow might be the best buy of the bunch, in terms of how much money it could end up saving you. For $35, you get a water sensor that can alert you to leaks, so you can get them fixed before the problem gets much worse and more costly.

Norm, an $80 smart thermostat that can also help regulate humidity, uses data from other smart home sensors to function—it’s more of a hub that helps all of your smart home devices and sensors work together. If you want, you can get all of those sensors together in one box, called the Spotter UNIQ. The Spotter UNIQ looks like a smoke detector, but can also include motion, temperature, light, sound, and humidity sensors.

All of these devices can be controlled with the Wink app, which Quirky spun off earlier this year.