Michael Kors Gives the Duracell Powermat a High-Fashion Makeover

With as many gadgets and accessories as there are on the market today, looking plain looks like a pretty bad idea. That’s been great news for fashion designers, who have been more than eager to offer up some much-needed fashion advice to the tech world. Today’s guest on Extreme Makeover: Tech Edition is Duracell, whose Powermat wireless charging case and mat combo is getting a few fresh designs courtesy of Michael Kors.

The new iPhone 5 and 5S PowerCases will come in several different color combinations, or in Michael Kors’ trademark print logo. Either way, you’ll get an embossed logo on the back to let you (or others) know it’s the real deal. The cases, which carry an external 2,000 mAh battery to back up your phone, will, as always, come bundled with a Powermat capable of charging the case wirelessly using the PMA wireless charging standard. The cases will also work with the wireless charging mats currently being installed in Starbucks locations across the country.

The Michael Kors Duracell Powermat collection will be available online this month for $140, which includes a case and the Powermat. An iPhone 6 collection is scheduled for early next year, but there’s been no mention of anything for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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