Phorce Pro is a Smart Laptop Bag With an External Battery Pack

Battery power is all-important for mobile devices. Unfortunately, battery life improvements lag behind virtually everything else that goes into a smartphone. Good thing we’ve had a few ingenious folks give us tech-friendly bags with external battery packs to help keep those mobile devices alive throughout the day. The latest of these bags, the Phorce Pro, goes a little bit past just being a battery bag, though.

The Phorce Pro is rectangular, and looks like a suitcase-style laptop bag. It can be a suitcase, backpack, or messenger bag thanks to detachable straps and handles that come with the bag, so you can carry it around in whatever way suits you best. On top of that, the external battery is monitored by an app (Android or iOS) over a Bluetooth connection, so you’ll know how much power is left. You’ll also get an alert if you’ve left your bag behind.

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The key feature is still the external battery pack itself. The 26,000 mAh battery is connected to three USB ports and a 90W laptop charging port, which is replaced by a MagSafe cable in the Mac version of the Phorce Pro. That’s one of the biggest batteries we’ve seen squeezed into a bag so far, and is enough to charge a large tablet or laptop at least twice over, or a smartphone like the Galaxy S5 about ten times over. Even if you’re actually connecting four devices to the battery in this bag, all four should be kept alive for the entire day.

The Phorce Pro is available now in red or black for $650 for the PC version and $700 for the Mac version.

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