9 Amazing Gifts for the Hearthstone Addict

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the best selling  freemium game from Blizzard, an addictive card game that lets you face-off against opponents with only your knowledge of strategy and your carefully built deck of cards to save you. . They recently released the Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion on December 8th and  so far, the reports have been positive.. with many more hours logged on Battle Net. The Christmas question is: leaving aside buying the gamer new cards, what do you buy the obsessed fan?  Well, we are here to help.

Breaking Bad Blizzard Pillow

A throw pillow to make every Breaking Bad and Blizzard fan cry a little inside — out of joy, we assume. This collaboration proudly displays to the world how much you heart the game and the TV show.. and makes a great present for the person who wont stop talking about legendary cards. If you don’t understand, well you’re clearly Rank 25.

$19.84 from Red Bubble

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Amazing Hearthstone chests

Simply beautiful.. and mostly sold out. Put yourself on the waiting list for these impressively carved creations.

From SmartWood on his Etsy store

Heaethstone mug

The cup of Champions

How better to show your fan-dom than to drink from a chalice bearing the sigil?

$14.99 from Etsy

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