BeautyBolt is a Makeup Mirror that Charges Your Phone

Selfie time? When is it not? If you need to look your best for a prime photo op, check out the BeautyBolt Compact Mirror Power Station, a compact makeup mirror that doubles as an external battery pack.

It’s practically two mirrors in one—the pink surface has been polished to that much of a sheen. If nothing else, you can use the surface to get a preview of what your fisheye lens selfie will look like. Of course, it opens up to a reveal an actual mirror inside, too. Then, there’s the Micro USB charging port that helps you make sure that a dead phone doesn’t derail your selfie plans. The battery inside is pretty large—7,000 mAh should supply enough power to keep most smartphones charged three to four times over.

You can find the BeautyBolt Compact Mirror Power Station on Amazon for $40.

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