Cadillac is Going To Give the Rearview Mirror a Major Upgrade

Pretty sweet development coming from Cadillac in their 2016 models, starting in the 2016 Cadillac CT6—the rearview mirror is going to do double duty as a LCD display that can stream video from camera on the rear of the vehicle.

The rearview mirror will now be equipped with a 171 ppi 1280 x 240 TFT LCD display that will show a feed from an HD camera at the rear of the vehicle. Not only will this offer an unimpeded view of what’s going on behind you, it’ll actually give you a wider view than a traditional mirror would. There’s also a water-repellant coating on the camera lens, so even in heavy rain you’ll be able to get a clear view.

Don’t trust high technology yet? That’s OK, too—if for whatever reason the feed isn’t working for you, you can still switch the rearview mirror to a standard electrochromatic rearview mirror using a physical button on the mirror itself.

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