Creative Aurvana Live 2 Over-Ear Headphone Review

Everyone looking for over-ear headphones that float around $100: read on! Creative recently released their Aurvana Live 2 over-ear headphones. They feature huge 40mm drivers, inline microphone and controls, all-day comfort, premium sound quality, and a very competitive price tag.

The Creative Aurvana Live 2s are great looking headphones. They’re very much on-brand for Creative, the computer/gaming accessory giant. Aurvanas are black/silver (with optional red) and a techie-modern design. They have super large earcups that will completely cover your ears. The earcups are well padded with memory foam and covered in elegant faux leather. The headband is also well padded and covered in faux-leather. The earcups swivel 90 degrees so you can fold the headphones completely flat (or go DJ style) with them.

Really, the only underwhelming feature with the Aurvanas is their build quality. It’s not bad, but we’d like them to be built tougher. Their lightweight design is made mostly of plastic, and while they’ve held up perfectly in some tight backpack situations, we won’t be completely surprised when/if the hinge breaks. With that said, it’s the lightweight design that helps keep these headphones comfortable for so long. Most over-ear headphones get uncomfortable after an hour, adding a ton of pressure to your head. These headphones stay comfortable for hours.

There’s a removable headphone cable that’s somewhat proprietary. You can’t swap it for any 3.5mm cable, but you wouldn’t want to. The cable is great. It actually has an inline microphone that’s independent from the inline controls. The microphone is located closer to your mouth while the controls are a little more accessible for your hand. Phone calls sound great on both ends. On the inline control there’s a universal button and an independent volume slider. The volume slider works on every music playing device, not just those compatible with ControlTalk functionality. It goes from about 10% volume to 100%.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love after putting on these Aurvana 2s. They’re very comfortable, but they also sound great. They’re very well balanced, there’s really nice bass, and music is extremely detailed. These headphones rock impressively large 40mm Neodynamium drivers. There’s a “bio-cellulose diaphragm that’s meticulously tuned” too. They say the audio is authentic, and we agree. Every genre shines, from acoustic to electronic. The only issue we have (which isn’t necessarily bad) is that they don’t have the best sound isolation. You can hear background noise and in loud situations, like busy streets or subways, you’ll lose some clarity and compensate by turning up the volume. In New York City, it’s beneficial to have a sense of your surroundings, though it’d be nice if there was noise canceling for the subway or airplane.

Pricing in around $100, the Creative Aurvana Live 2 Over-Ear headphones are a great value. Sound quality is great, and it’s very well complimented by their comfortable fit. Making phone calls with them is as good as it can be, and of course having audio controls is super convenient. While the build quality could be a bit more durable, there’s a nice microfiber travel pouch included for safe(r) packing. The Creative Aurvana Live 2s are currently available in black or red from Amazon for $107, but we’ve seen the black model fall under $100, so check it out.

Buy it!

The Good: Comfortable, Sound great, Affordable, Inline volume control and music/phone control, Great microphone, Travel pouch included
The Bad: Band could be more durable and less plasticky, Cable is not universally replaceable with 3.5mm input