Dog Gets New Leash On Life Thanks to 3D Printed Legs

If you need a respite from the endless torrent of bad news that is life on planet Earth, here’s something you can genuinely enjoy. 3D Systems recently made Derby the dog’s life by taking in the pup and, with a little 3D-printing know-how, got him walking and running for the first time.

The Dodo has a report on Derby, who was born with underdeveloped front limbs, making walking and running impossible. His condition led him to the Peace and Paws Dog Rescue Shelter in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, which turned out to be the perfect place. That’s where he was spotted by Tara Anderson, director of 3D Systems. 3D Systems is big into 3D printing, and we’ve all seen the kinds of medical marvels 3D printing is capable of when applied to humans. Fortunately, the same goes for dogs.

After rigging up a sort of wheeled chariot to get Derby up and running, the team started to look into designing something a little less ungainly. After taking some measurements and hitting the CAD programs, a design for two prosthetic legs that would fit Derby comfortably was completed and 3D printed.

Derby was then given two gifts—his new prosthetic limbs and a new home with Portanova family. Derby is now up and running with his new family, and you can see him in action on a YouTube video embedded in the Dodo post. You should watch that video. You should watch it on repeat for the rest of the holiday season, and nothing else, just to be safe.

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