Edwin is One Smart Rubber Duckie

The rubber duck renaissance continues. Following in the wake of our giant-sized traveling friend, we have Edwin, who floats in the shallower, more familiar waters of the bathtub. Make no mistake, though—Edwin is anything but your standard rubber ducky.

Edwin is a connected duck, and he’s by no means limited to the bathtub. He’s a companion (for adults and kids alike!) for the three pillars of child rearing—bath time, story time, and sleepy time.

During bath time, Edwin gets to work right as he hits the water. The rubber ducky is equipped with a thermometer that can check both the temperature of the water and your child. He’ll then turn bath time into his own little concert hall—Edwin has a small Bluetooth speaker tucked away inside, which can stream music from your mobile devices or play a selection of Edwin’s own songs, which teach kids about personal hygiene.


Edwin will need a little help from a friend during story time—namely, your tablet. Once the two are connected you can run a companion app filled with animated stories and activities. While your kids are playing with the app, Edwin will light up and play sounds along with what your child is interacting with in the story. The companion app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and will receive monthly updates stocked with new content.

When it’s time for the kids (and the parents) to get some sleep, Edwin is still there to help. He’s got an LED nightlight tucked away inside, which can change colors. He can also play soft white noise or lullabies to help babies drift off to sleep.

Edwin can be preordered now for $99 and will ship in spring of next year. We’ll get to see more of Edwin and see if he’s learned any new tricks at CES in January.