T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0: 4G LTE Data Rollover Arrives in January

T-Mobile has made a Thing out of their new promotional announcements, running with the Uncarrier moniker and turning it into a series of events aimed at separating them from the rest of the Big Four. To their credit, the Uncarrier campaign has done just that, with greatest hits including the elimination of contracts, a generous offer to pay off early termination fees from other carriers, and unlimited music streaming. Uncarrier 8.0, which went down earlier today, featured one of the more significant promotions—T-Mobile has announced rollover 4G LTE data for most business, individual, and family plans starting in January.

In January, T-Mobile will give new and existing customers a Data Stash, stocked with 10 GB of 4G LTE data from the beginning. When customers use up their monthly data allotment, they will automatically tap into their Data Stash—only when the monthly allotment and the Data Stash are both used up will customers be brought back down to 3G speeds. Conversely, if customers don’t use up their monthly allotment, everything they don’t use rounded up to the nearest MB will be put into the Data Stash for use later in the year.

There are some limitations. Only those who have Simple Choice plans with at least 3 GB of 4G LTE for smartphones or 1 GB of LTE for tablets will qualify for a Data Stash. The other catch is that the Data Stash gets reset after one year. In January 2016, your rollover data from 2015 will get zeroed out, although it wouldn’t be too surprising to see T-Mobile figure out some new promotion to ease the blow when that time comes.

Those who qualify for a Data Stash don’t need to do anything. Just hang out until January, and the Data Stash and rollover 4G LTE data will kick in on its own.