9 Things We Love About the Yoga 3 Pro

And that might be the most glowing recommendation of all—notebooks aren’t the trendiest devices out there today, but we’ve still managed to find 10 things that make the Yoga 3 Pro stand out. Of course, this isn’t your average notebook—it’s the refinement of the 2-in-1 concept that the Yoga line has come to define. The 360 degree hinge form factor has come to be the 2-in-1 standard, and for good reason—it gives you unmatched versatility all in one lightweight package, and by keeping the keyboard connected to the monitor, it ensures that no matter where you are, the Yoga 3 Pro can become exactly what you need it to be.

But, there’s a lot more to the Yoga 3 Pro than its 360 degree hinge. There’s plenty more here to enjoy, and all together, it might just make the Yoga 3 Pro the most attractive notebook to have hit the market in 2014.


Better Touchpad

This is one point where we think Lenovo really listened to the customers. The touchpad on the Yoga 3 Pro is way more responsive than those of its predecessors, which tended to be a little frustrating to use. This has been a problem for way too many Windows 8 laptops, so it’s nice to see that someone’s finally starting to get it right.


Watchband Hinge

You probably know the Yoga 3 Pro as the first notebook to ever have hinge design as a selling point. We’re not just talking about it turning 360 degrees—we’re talking about it doing a 180 when it comes to aesthetics. The Yoga 3 Pro hinge design was inspired by metal watchbands, and features hundreds of individual pieces that interlock to make something completely unique. The point? Well, in addition to looking pretty cool, the resdesigned hinge has six focus points instead of two, making it sturdier and more durable. Not only that, but the new hinge design is part of what allowed Lenovo to make the Yoga 3 Pro the thinnest notebook on the market.

QHD+ Display

I don’t like the letters game any more than you when it comes to displays, so let’s get down to numbers—QHD+ means 3200 x 1800 resolution, and that makes the Yoga 3 Pro’s touchscreen display one of the clearest and most vivid on the market. The high resolution on that 13.3″ screen makes the pixels so tiny they’re almost impossible to discern with the naked eye, meaning that you can look at beautiful images without ever seeing any unwanted jagged edges and without losing any details.


Thin and Light

While we were gushing about the hinge, we mentioned that the Yoga 3 Pro is the thinnest notebook on the market. That’s true—it’s even thinner than the MacBook Air, at 12.8 mm thick compared to the Air’s 17 mm. At 2.62 pounds, it’s also one of the lightest convertible notebooks you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking for a do-it-all machine that you can travel with easily, well, it looks like the MacBook Air finally has some competition.


Four Modes of Use

The hinge that the whole Yoga concept turns on, the four modes of use are back and as useful as ever in the Yoga 3 Pro. Besides your standard laptop and tablet modes, stand mode tucks away the keyboard to make the Yoga 3 Pro great for watching movies, while tent mode helps you get comfortable when you’re laying on the couch, giving the device stability on any surface. No matter where you are or why you need to use your computer, the Yoga 3 Pro can take the best possible shape to help you get work done or, more importantly, relax.

802.11ac Wi-Fi

Sometimes, it’s your carrier that limits your internet speed. Other times, it’s that your laptop just isn’t built for high-speed Wi-Fi. The Yoga 3 Pro is outfitted with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which can realistically give you speeds of up to 500 Mbps down. Now, you’re probably never going to be able to take advantage of that on your home connection, but if you’re going to bring your Yoga 3 Pro to work or on the road, you’ll always be certain that you’re getting the most out of any Wi-Fi connection you’re using—because right now, 802.11ac is the speediest Wi-Fi standard being put into consumer devices.



Ashton Kutcher’s Laptop of Choice

Hey, it’s gotta count for something, right?

Intel Core M70 Processor

The latest generation of Intel Core processors can be found inside the Yoga 3 Pro. And, while the modest efficiency and performance gains are always welcome, what we really like is the peace and quiet. The M70 runs very cool, so even though the Yoga 3 Pro still has a small fan, you’ll almost never hear it go off. You’ll be hard pressed to find another notebook that runs as quietly as this one, and that’s a beautiful thing if you’re looking for a little zen with your computing experience.



Who said laptops need to look boring? With champagne gold, clementine orange, and silver to choose from, you can get a laptop that actually has some personality. Along with that watchband hinge, those bold colors make the Yoga 3 Pro as much a fashion statement as it is a top-notch lightweight 2-in-1.

Disclaimer: CES 2015 coverage has been brought to you by Lenovo. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own