Carnival Introduces New Cruise Ship With Its Own IMAX Theater

Can you watch Titanic in 3D on your next cruise? You can if you set sail on the Carnival Vista, a brand new cruise ship set to join the Carnival fleet in spring of 2016.

That’s because Carnival Vista will be Carnival’s first cruise ship to feature the Carnival Multiplex, a fully decked out movie theater with its own IMAX screen that the company says stretches three decks high. The IMAX screen is joined by the Thrill Theater, which will be dedicated to kitschy 3D special effects experiences, and a fully stocked concession stand. It’s basically going to be your average mall movie theater, just with fewer screens and more seasickness.

The Carnival Multiplex is flanked by the Warehouse, where the more interactive-minded will find arcade games (long live!) along with video game consoles. But, that’s more of the same for cruise ships—it’s no three-deck high IMAX theater, which definitely figures to be the highlight feature of the Vista. Uh, besides all the beautiful places you’ll be cruising to, of course.


The small town within a cruise ship will also include a water park, a suspended ropes course, and SkyRide. SkyRide is an 800-foot suspended track with recumbent bikes dangling from the underside. You can ride those bikes around the track, suspended 150 feet above sea level, for the best views of the sea you can get from the ship. Carnival spares no expense, truly.

Anyway, the ship is bigger, with better restaurants, more upscale rooms, and more places to grab a drink. More everything, basically. Carnival is getting the word out about Vista early ahead of its maiden voyage in May 2016. That voyage will begin in Italy and embark on a 13-day tour with stops in France, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, and Malta. Carnival is accepting reservations for that cruise now, and are also planning a transatlantic voyage from Europe to New York departing in October 2016. You know what to watch in the IMAX theater for that one.

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