Drop Kitchen Bluetooth Scale is Like an Easy Bake Oven for Adults

Drop Kitchen Connected Bluetooth Scale and Recipe App work together to bring you one-bowl recipes that work by adding ingredients slowly as instructed by the recipe, to avoid going through numerous measuring cups and getting inaccurate amounts anyways. Tons of recipes are formulated just for this scale and bowl, to make baking foolproof.

For those of us that like to cook, often our little-of-this, little-of-that method does not work when it comes to baking. Baking is an exact science. Drop Kitchen’s recipes are interactive and offer extremely accurate weighing measurements. The recipes could even be considered flexible, providing usable substitutes and workarounds if an ingredient is missing from your cabinet.

There are no cables, everything relies on a Bluetooth connection. Just download the app and get cooking. The scale itself does not need frequent recharges as the battery should last up to about a year. Once you have mastered your Drop Kitchen Recipe, you can share it on social media much to the mouth watering chagrin of your friends. Yeah! You can bake!

The scale is made with a heat resistant silicon top and base, along with an LED feedback button. The beauty of this feedback button is that it can be used to navigate the recipe without getting the iPad dirty. Brilliant, just brilliant. It is sensitive to amounts varying from a fraction of a teaspoon to 13lbs. 13lbs?! That would be a huge cake.

The awesome kitchen tool that is the Drop Kitchen Scale and App are available for iOS now, with coming availability for Android soon. It costs $99 and is available at Drop.