New Wearable Headband Keeps Drivers Awake Behind the Wheel

Everyone knows about the dangers of drunk driving, but the dangers of fatigued driving are just as glaring. Driving while way too tired causes its fair share of accidents, too. That’s why Impecca has created the Alert Band, a new forehead sensor that can warn drivers to pull over and get some rest before they fall asleep at the wheel.

Impecca is unveiling their Alert Band at CES this year in the hopes of getting the attention of truck drivers, taxi drivers, and anyone else who drives for a living. Of course, the Alert Band could be good for anyone, but admittedly, a forehead-worn band might be a tough sell for most. For the people who frequently run the risk of fatigued driving, though, the Alert Band could be a lifesaver. The sensors inside the band monitor brain waves, so they can pick up on the changes in brain wave activity that take place when people drift off from awake to the early stages of sleep. If triggered, the band can send alerts to the user’s mobile device, to the mobile devices of trusted contacts, and, more importantly, will sound an alarm to jolt the driver awake.

Impecca The Alert Band Photo

The Alert Band also uses continuous assessment to tell drivers when they should prepare to pull over and get some rest. Using a smartphone app and a Bluetooth connection, the Alert Band gives driver a fatigue score on a 1-100 scale, with 80 and above being considered dangerous. The score and the driver alerts proved to be 90 percent accurate through years of testing according to Impecca, so the technology sounds promising. The band has a 20-hour battery life; that might be a little short for some long-distance drivers, so bringing a portable battery pack along with the Alert Band might be a good idea for them.

The Alert Band should ship sometime this May, and will cost $250 at launch.