The iPhone 6 Plus Just Got Uglier With These Uglydoll Cases

Last November, we noticed that Uncommon launched a new line of Uglydoll iPhone and iPad cases. If you didn’t find the right kind of ugly back then, go back and check now—Uncommon has added tons of new Uglydoll cases to their collection, and you’ll be scrolling for a while if you want to see them all.


And, like before, Uncommon hasn’t forgotten about the old (they’re not even that old, man) iPhones. The new cases are all available for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6/6 Plus, as well as the 4th and 5th generation iPod Touch and the iPad 2/Retina. On top of that, all of the new designs can be plastered onto Uncommon’s capsule, deflector, or translucent Permafrost Deflector cases. So, you can start to see why this requires a lot of scrolling.

Of course, there are tons of different designs to choose from, including just about all of your favorite little monsters from the Uglydoll line. Uncommon tends to be one of the more affordable designer case manufacturers, too—you can get cases for as low as $10, which goes up to $50 for the iPad cases. Most iPhone cases fall between $30 and $40.

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