MommyTech TV – Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClellan Talk About Swarovski Wearables

Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations and Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog got together with MommyTech TV at the CES 2015 FamilyTech Summit to talk about one of the fastest-growing trends at this year’s show—fashionable gadgets. While high fashion and high tech have been teaming up for some time, this year we’re finding out that those fashionable gadgets really are for the whole family.

We mean the whole family, too—including the four-legged members. Motorola’s new and dazzling dog collar comes in white with a light pink console that houses an HD camera, a microphone, and speakers, so doting dog moms can stay in touch with their pets from anywhere. The rose gold accents seal the deal.

Vera and Audrey also talk up fun new shoes for kids from Skechers and one fantastic wearable decked out in Swarovski crystals. It’s all proof positive that fashionable tech is rapidly becoming family tech.