MommyTech TV – Watch Tech Ladies Go Gaga Over These Fashionable Gadgets

Needless to say, we’ve always been interested in the tricky art of marketing tech to women. We’ve known for a long time that women actually buy more tech than men, and we’ve been waiting for electronics companies to take note of this and translate it into gadgets that add value for women. To some extent, we’ve seen this over the past few years. The results have not always been pretty. But, at CES 2015, we’re seeing more companies figure out female-oriented gadgets not by tacking on pandering features or making specious marketing claims, but by placing a premium on design, successfully making tech fashionable.

Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV talked with Rebecca Levey of Kidz Vuz and our own Helena Stone to run down the best of what CES 2015 had to offer in the way of fashionable tech. What did they find? Well, a lot of the usual suspects—companies like Stelle Audio have been making women-oriented gadgets for a few years now, while Swarovski and Kate Spade are fashion veterans that have shown keen interest in making the tech market work for them. In fact, that’s one of the most exciting trends we’ve seen recently—fashion designers having their expertise sought after by tech firms. In a market where competing devices like phones and laptops look increasingly similar in hardware specs, design is becoming an all-important differentiator that gadgets live and die by.

All this isn’t just for show, of course. The new Kate Spade smartphone cases and Mophie’s line of battery smartphone cases aren’t just fashionable, they get the job done, offering protection and extra battery life. We’re seeing a lot of women-oriented devices that look fantastic without sacrificing functionality, and that makes us very upbeat about this trend heading into 2015 and beyond.

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