Monster’s Greatest Hits at CES 2015

Here at CES 2015, Monster had just as strong of a showing as anyone, giving us a look at some great new products they have in store for us this year. With new brand partnerships, new audio products, and the same great sound, it’s looking like a promising 2015 for the audio company, which is rapidly convincing us that they’re well on their way to being much more than that. But, we’ll find out about all those new extras sometime down the line. For now, we’ll take a look back at the most intriguing audio products Monster introduced to us at CES.


Adidas Performance Headphones

Monster’s partnership with Adidas is still going strong. They went with the casual Originals line last year, but this year the two companies are treating us to Performance headphones and earphones made just for fitness enthusiasts keen on matching their Adidas gear with the audio gear.


SoundStage Wireless Music System

The wait looks like it’ll have been worth it. First announced at IFA last year, Monster’s SoundStage Wireless Music System promises to make it simple to deck your home out in connected speakers that can be controlled individually or as a unit with one app. Monster’s system gets a big boost from Qualcomm’s AllPlay technology, which ensures perfect syncing for the perfect connected home audio system.


SuperStar BackFloat

A year ago, waterproof devices were just another marketing gimmick. No longer—at CES 2015, waterproof means something. With the SuperStar BackFloat, you can take advantage of that protection by tossing your new speaker into the pool. Don’t worry about soggy audio—this speaker floats, bringing crystal clear audio to your pool parties.



DNA Pro 2.0 Carbon Fiber Edition

The DNA Pro 2.0 headphones are nothing new, nor is the critical acclaim they’ve received since they first came to market. What is new at this year’s CES is a sleek new black carbon fiber edition of those vaunted headphones. They look better than ever, and with that lightweight carbon fiber construction, they’ll be even more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Look for them in February for $300.


iSport Super Slim Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Fitness earphones—we want them to stay in our ears and be wireless, but is it too much to ask to make them lightweight? Apparently not! Monster has done a terrific job with the iSport Super Slim Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, which are the thinnest on the market thanks to a tiny rectangular battery and foldable circuitry. They’re looking like the perfect gym companions for 2015.