MommyTech TV: MyQ App Takes the Garage Opener to The Next Level

If someone told me five years ago that I could be notified via my smartphone whenever I forgot to close the garage door, I would tell them they are insane. Well, the time has come for smart home technologies to start making their way to other parts of the home—to that effect, MyQ Home Control is an iOS/Android app that works as a smart garage door opener.

While we have seen similar apps that control the lights around the home, we haven’t come across too many garage door opener apps. The beauty of MyQ is the peace of mind it gives you when you are away from home. MommyTech TV’s Andrea Smith sat down with Sital Belmont of Chamberlain to talk about MyQ Home Control and what it means for families. The app isn’t just useful when you forget to close the garage door—you can receive notifications when the door is opened or closed, so when your kids come home from school and use the app to get inside, parents will know immediately without having to call home – or having their kids call them. Pretty smart!