OKU is the First Health Tracker for Your Skin

Oku is a first of its kind connected device that is there to monitor and nag you, whoops, I mean notify you about your skin. Once connected to the iPhone app, put the cube on your face, scan your skin, and see what it has to offer you. Think of it as a disapproving but eager to sell to you make-up counter lady in your pocket.

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Oku uses lifestyle information together with a scan that claims to look beneath the surface of your skin to analyze in detail the condition of the skin and provide you with a skin score. Because who doesn’t want to be graded on the basis of their pores? You can then zero in on areas where you can improve along with helpful suggestions on how you can do that through product recommendations, lifestyle modifications, and diet changes. Sounds like oodles of fun huh? It even sets a daily goal for you so you can unlock “the youthful best of your skin.”

This technology was put together to sell you skin care products, just as algorithms and make-up counter ladies also abound just for that purpose.  We can appreciate this new twist on fitness trackers—will skin become the next hot thing to track on a daily basis? In the never-ending desire to maintain our youth, Oku might be on to something. Oku is available for pre-order $249.95.

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  1. OK thats just wierd. I mean how would a person even know what the heck it is reccomending is whats good for your skin, and are the products it says you need preprogrammed in? If they are programmed in, then the makers of those products have to have some interest in it. And what if you are say 80 , can it tell? Or if a person has had botox?

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