Our Favorite 2-in-1 Convertible at CES? Has to Be This Robotic Dress

We never said 2-in-1 convertibles had to be limited to things with Intel processors and 1080p touchscreens. 360Fashion Network came to CES 2015 donning their Robotic Dress, a regular dress that can expand into an evening ball gown with one press of the finger.


360Fashion Network debuted their transforming dress last June at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, but this is the first time we’ve been able to see it with our own eyes. It’s a blue-flecked silk dress that, well, sort of looks like those Sparkletts (or Aquafina, depends where you’re from) trucks, but in a totally good way. The cool part is what’s underneath—six servo motors, a processor, and a controller chip. Flip a switch, and those motors will extend carbon fiber legs inside the dress, pushing it outwards a bit like an umbrella.

Designer Michal Starost and engineer Bruce Bateman teamed up with the CEO of 360Fashion Network, Anina Net, to create the dress, which currently only exists as a concept. It’s a concept that the team is going to keep on developing, and we’re excited to see where they’re going to take the idea in the next year.

In fact, it was a great year for dresses at CES 2015. Mostly ones made from 3D printers. Check out the video of some of the fine looks that caught our eye.