Sony Drops New 4K TV That’s Thinner Than Your Phone

Which phone? I don’t think it matters. I don’t think any phone is thinner than 4.9 mm.

That’s how thick the XBR X900C TV is, one of the many new 4K TVs Sony unveiled for 2015 at CES. The X900C is the attention-grabber of the bunch, with a frame so thin it’s kind of hard to see—seriously, look at the picture below and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The only catch is that the bottom half of the TV is quite a bit thicker to house all the components—a shame, because a TV this uniformly thin would be terrific for anyone who wall-mounts their televisions.

Thinness aside, the X900C is shaping up to be an excellent television. It’s powered by the same TRILUMINOS engine that Sony has long used in their televisions, to great effect when it comes to color contrast, the next big area of improvement for televisions now that we’ve just about maxed out the potential benefits of increased resolution. That engine is joined by Sony’s brand new Processor X1, a specialized processor for 4K TVs that was also announced at CES 2015. All that adds up to terrific picture quality on par with anything Samsung or LG is putting out. Local dimming was sacrificed at the altar of thin, though, so apparent color contrast might not be as good as some of Sony’s other new TVs that do have the feature.

Like virtually all 4K TVs, the X900C is capable of upscaling lower-resolution videos, improving the image quality of anything you watch. You’ll still have to be patient with 4K TVs, because 4K content isn’t as widely available as most would like yet, but the good stuff is starting to trickle in and there’s a good chance we’ll see an outpouring in 2015.

The last major change in the X900C goes for all of Sony’s new smart televisions—it’ll run Android TV. The main benefit for you is streamlined pairing of your Android smartphone or tablet to your television, so you can cast videos or music to your TV easily.

The XBR X900C will be available in 55″ and 65″ models, along with the slightly thicker 75″ X910C. Those three, along with the rest of Sony’s new 4K range, will hit stores this spring, but Sony hasn’t announced pricing yet.

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