MommyTech TV – Techie Moms Pick Their Fav Products at CES 2015

At CES 2015, we saw smart tech take a family turn, with tons of gadgets that help make the entire family’s lives easier. Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV talked with Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Tech, Beth Blecherman of TechMamas.com, and Lori Cunningham of Well Connected Mom about the outpouring of family-friendly tech found on the show floor this year.

Family-friendly, mom-friendly tech wasn’t just limited to devices for infants this time around, either. While there were things like TempTraq, the smart patch-like thermometer for babies, there was plenty more to help parents and teens stay connected in meaningful ways, too, including a home speakerphone. There’s even a stroke of genius for parents worried about new drivers—Automatic is an in-car device that keeps track of stats like speed in the car, and helps parents to create incentives for good driving instead of using tech as another way to play Big Brother.

There’s plenty more the panel found on the show floor—check out the video for all of their favorites from CES 2015.