WonderWoof: Where Fashion, Dogs and Wearables Combine

Betsy Fore loved her dog. But why was he so fat? And just what was he doing all day? These questions bothered her and she set out to find an answer. Her solution was to create the WonderWoof BowTie, a bow shaped accessory that clips to your dogs collar. It combines a candy cane palette with wearable technology and seems to be aimed at those who are Paris Hilton-esque dog-accessory inclined. But it’s more than a collar adornment.


The WonderWoof Bow Tie has a built in accelerometer to give feedback about the dogs activity, and it uses Bluetooth to connect to the WonderWoof app. This app supports a special scheduler so you can keep a doggy diary. This can be filled with appointments, playdates, and reminders. It also alerts you if your dog goes out of range – something great when in the dog park and wanders away. They also plan to allow you to connect with other users.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 5.19.49 PM

It uses a rechargeable battery that connects via Micro USB and they say it should last for a week. LED indicators display when you’re low on juice and it’s fully waterproof, good for all weather — and dips in the sea! It also offers a way to gamify your dog caring experience, as the more activities you and your pet do, the more “bone bites and badges” you acquire; a little like Foursquare, but for pet activities.


Hopefully you don’t need to win badges to remember to feed to play with your pet, but possibly getting this added incentive might encourage you to have extra quality time. You can also see other users in the area who have the app, opening the possibility for pup playdates.. and/or dog romance?


The aesthetic is definitely part of the brands charm. The app is bright and well designed and its pastel template and user friendly features give validity to Wonder Woof’s hope of becoming a social network for animal lovers as well as a dog tracking device. After all, we’ve seen plenty of similar gadgets that purport to do what WonderWoof is aiming for like the PetTracker and Loc8tor.

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The Wonder Woof Bow Tie has six colorways, each with cutesy dog names: Candy canine pink, Bad to the Bone Orange, Hounds Grey, Dogquamarine blue, Puppy Purple and BowTie Black.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 5.23.56 PM

The packaging is lovely, light green boxes, that strongly resemble Tiffany’s aesthetic. They hope to be available this year, but considering that they’re already 6 months overdue (a TechCrunch article details that they wanted to be in stores Summer 2014) we have our fingers crossed if this will materialize.


“I wanted a way to track and also have something beautiful to use,” Fore told Chip Chick. “I want this to be a fashion brand, we’re hoping to be in all the big fashion departments and looking for Amazon as well.”

Available for $99 on pre-order from Wonder Woof