Zolt Laptop Charger: One To Charge Them All


Once upon a time we had a dream: One charger to rule them all. That dream has become something of a reality in smartphone land, with the micro USB and Apple’s lightning port becoming ubiquitous for power amongst most mobile devices (after a law in Europe that has insisted that providers have a universal standard) .

But laptop power has still been something of a no man’s zone, with everyone hugging their proprietary cords to their chest and sulkily packing their extra cables as well. Zolt aims to end those wire woes, as not only does it promise to charge ANY laptop, but it also includes two extra USB ports so you can condense your plugs into one.


The Zolt Laptop Charger Plus has 70 Watts, and is powerful enough to handle multiple devices simultaneously. Their “ERC” (Efficient Resonant Control System) makes sure that power is distributed to all devices evenly – so you don’t get a surge blow out. But how does if fulfill the promise of charging any laptop? The answer is in the included tips they provide, which fit all major players – HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Dell etc. And for those Apple obsessives, they say that they “will have a Mac cable adapter” by the time they start shipping.


The Zolt is more than just functional, it’s fairly pretty to look at. It fits in the palm of your hand and has an interesting hexagonal style design, and you can choose from purple, red or gray (with more colors to come). Size wise, it’s 3 inches high and weighs in at 3 ounces, so is built for portability.

Zolt_Scene 1_FF_

We think this could be a great solution to our messy bag of cables, and a helpful way to make sure that no one ever runs out of juice (as long as you carry those adapters!) GoZolt is available for preorder for $79.99.

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