Beats Pill Barry McGee Edition is Geometric Goodness

Ever since its release, the Beats Pill has been a great source of custom and limited editions and licensing deals, with artists and designers creating their own takes on Beats’ most recognizable Bluetooth speaker. The latest is a collaboration between Beats and Barry McGee, a San Francisco-based artist known for his geometric patterns and colorful characters.

The limited edition Barry McGee Beats Pill will feature one of McGee’s geometric patterns in a red, black and cream color scheme. As it always is with these limited edition Beats Pills, the production run is probably going to very small, around a couple hundred max. So, if you like what you see, you’ll probably want to sign up for an email notification when this one does go on sale on Beats’ website.

When it does go on sale, the limited edition Barry McGee Beats Pill will be $200.