Brooks PureFlow 4 Running Shoe Review

Brooks has released the next generation of the PureFlow running shoe line, the PureFlow 4. Much of the shoe has stayed true to its past iterations, but even the most minuet changes to the PureFlow 4 make it a significant upgrade over the PureFlow 3. The shoe is still incredibly comfortable and gets even more so over time. The shoes contour to your foot, providing comfort with each step. But even if you don’t use these as running shoes per se… the new colorways are an extremely handsome looking shoe for general strolling around in too. In fact, I got complimented repeatedly on how good they looked.

One of the most impressive aspects of the PureFlow 4 is just how light the shoe is. I almost thought the box was empty when I received them, and the same sensation flows through when you put them on. The shoes are extremely aerated with the new design by the toes, preventing your feet from sweating when you do plan on that long run. Another nice feature is the newly redesigned tongue that lays flat without having to worry about bunching. We walked for hours and didn’t experience any uncomfortable bunching with this redesign, which is a welcome change from the traditional design.

When I did take them for a run, I could really feel the Brooks BioMoGo material which provides a nice lightweight bouncy sensation every time your foot hits the pavement. For those that have a tendency to roll in as you run, the PureFlow 4 provides a lot of cushioning to keep your foot as even as possible with the ground, but it doesn’t provide all that much for your heel. In the first few hours of wearing the shoes, I noticed how much shock was absorbed, but it was a bit uneven at first. However, as I’ve continued to walk and run in the PureFlow 4, they have slowly begun to mold to my feet and I have gotten more used to how the shoe responds to when I do roll-in. Despite that, it is still an incredibly comfortable running shoe.


Whether you run, walk, or skip – good shoes are essential for your feet. The Brooks Women’s PureFlow 4 are amazing sneakers that are super lightweight and essential companions for when you are in the mood for a long run or walk. The Brooks BioMoGo technology continues to shine through and provides that lightweight bouncy feel. So not only are these comfortable, but the new colorways make them stand out from the crowd. The PureFlow 4 retails for $110.00 and are available now.

The Good: The PureFlow 4 is all about the details – the redesigned tongue, extra aeration, and sweat reducing fabrics. The Brooks BioMoGo sole provides the comfort and bounce we have grown accustomed to with the PureFlow running shoe series.

The Bad: Not a lot of shock absorption for your heels. Will only last 250-300 miles… so if you run a lot, be prepared to replace these shoes sooner than later.