Life-Like Dalek Speaker is Begging to Exterminate You

We’ve seen Doctor Who Bluetooth wireless speakers before, but never anything on this level. Massive Audio has new officially licensed speakers, and they aren’t messing around with the details. We’re also pretty stoked that they remembered that the TARDIS isn’t the only thing from Doctor Who that can be made into merchandise.


Of course, they do have the faithful TARDIS Bluetooth speakers, but if you have one too many a TARDIS in your home (which may actually be possible now), you can grab a Dalek speaker. You can get the black Dalek Sec speaker or the gold Assault Dalek speaker, or both if you want to start building your own marauding alien army. It would probably be worth it just to get the Daleks so you can use them while you watch Doctor Who, just to hear your new Daleks say ‘Exterminate!’ over and over again.

The TARDIS and Dalek Sec speakers cost $120 each, while the Assault Dalek speaker costs $150. You can also get combo packs with the TARDIS and Dalek Sec speakers for $220 or the two Daleks for $250. You can find it all on Massive Audio’s online shop.

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