Watch the New Dyson V6 Absolute Handheld Suck Up Cheerios

Cordless vacuums—on the one hand, they’re pretty small and easy to store. On the other hand, they’re usually terrible at doing the only job they were made to do, leaving you in an uncomfortable marriage with a sunk cost that usually makes your life harder than it would be with no vacuum at all. Dyson would like to see those marriages made fruitful, and so we have the V6 Absolute.

The V6 Absolute introduces a new cleaner head that excels at picking up both fine and large particles, when usually vacuums only do one or the other well. I can independently kinda confirm this with my experience of trying to vacuum my bedroom floor with the thing in my apartment that someone called a vacuum. The V6 Absolute, on the other hand, uses Dyson’s V6 Digital Motor with a roller head dispenses with ineffective brushes, opting for a nylon-covered roller striped with rows of carbon fiber filaments. Large chunks (it absolutely dominates Cheerios) glom onto the roller, while the filaments loosen up finer particles from carpet, so they can be sucked up more effectively.

Dyson promises that those carbon fiber filaments won’t scratch hard floors, while guaranteeing 75 percent more brush power and improved filtration. They’re also promising 20 minutes worth of battery life, which definitely wouldn’t have been enough vacuum time at my house when I was growing up, but might suit most households.

The new hotness of the cordless upright vacuum world will grace us with its presence on March 1 of this year, when it will retail for $600.