Got a Hangover? Get IV Drips Delivered to Your Home

Hey, you know those free boosts you can get at Jamba Juice? Now, instead of just drinking them along with a delicious smoothie, you can go to a Liquifusion location and get them administered through a needle in your arm over a half hour! Wait.

You lucky (?) New Yorkers can now avail yourselves of a nurse-administered IV infusion of a vitamin cocktail that apparently is going to be used more often than not as a hangover cure. In fact, one of the eight IV cocktails available is literally called the Hangover IV, so let there be no doubt. Others include Performance IV for post-sports recovery and Libido IV, for obvious reasons.

And, even though you’ll be sitting there getting the drip for a half hour, you might end up feeling the effects sooner since everything is going straight to the bloodstream without having to get digested first. On the other hand, needles. You’re going to have to weigh the pros and cons yourself.

But, as you might expect, these IV drips don’t come cheap. You can choose to head to one of three locations carrying Liquifusion IVs (Lasertouch in Midtown and Soho, Skinney Med Spa in Flatiron) or book an IV delivery straight to your home. Either way, you’re looking at $200 each, minimum. I don’t know, I’m sure those vitamin cocktails are nice and all, but I might still go ahead and opt for Jamba. Maybe it’s the needles.