Humanscale’s OfficeIQ Smart Desk is Fit for a Geek King

Stir finally has some competition in the smart desk world. Humanscale is combining their whole set of smart office furniture with software from Tome to create a system that can complement your other fitness applications.

Stir does that too with Fitbit integration, but a good bit of competition never hurt anyone (never hurt consumers, anyway). Humanscale showed off what they’ve been working on back at CES last month, headlined by their convertible sit/stand desk. The Float desk might even be preferable to what Stir has—it’s the same kind of convertible desk, but it can be outfitted with any tabletop between 48″ and 72″, giving buyers more options to get a desk that best fits their workplace. The downside is that Float is adjusted by using a physical lever, instead of the automatic mechanism that Stir has.

Perhaps unique to Humanscale is their Quickstand. The Quickstand is an adjustable desktop stand that can be purchased to accommodate either a single monitor or two monitors. So, you have the option of adjusting both your desk’s height and your monitor’s height to make sure that everything is perfect ergonomically. Best part is that you now have ample excuses to procrastinate for at least a half hour by claiming that you’re tweaking your office space to create an optimal productivity environment.

Humanscale also has monitor arms that can support up to six monitors, as well as energy-efficient LED desk lamps. The Diffrient Smart chair isn’t really outfitted with any tech, it just has a mesh back and, from what I can tell, is super comfortable to recline in. So, all in all, they’ve got your whole office space covered.

That Tome software can work with the Float desk to record how much you sit and stand per day, and can approximate how many calories you’ve burned during the work day. We’ve always said that for fitness tracking to be viable and useful, it has to be a 24/7 effort that encompasses literally everything you do, so this is a welcome addition for fitness tracking enthusiasts.

Managers interested in outfitting their offices with Humanscale’s OfficeIQ line of smart office furniture and Tome’s software can contact them over on Humanscale’s website.