Marvel Realizes Girls Rule, Announces A-Force a Super-Heroine Team

Well, well, well. After years of being a man’s world, the higher-ups at Big Comic have finally realized that yeah, there are women who read comics, and yeah, they like to see superheroines on the pages of those comics. As it turns out, the other half of the world’s population is a really lucrative business opportunity! Who’d have thunk it?

Now that characters like Kamala Khan, a Muslim teenager who took over the Ms. Marvel mantle, are headlining comics that are flying off shelves at historic rates, Marvel is like yeah, we’re getting on this gravy train. Something about women making up 47 percent of comic book buyers might have tipped them off, too. Either way, they’ve wised up, and they’re making a huge push.

It’s no secret that in this summer’s Secret Wars series, bad stuff is going to happen and The Avengers won’t survive it. What superhero team is going to step up to replace them? That would be the A-Force, a team entirely composed of superheroines. In the aftermath of Secret Wars, the A-Force will be holed up in Arcadia, a probably more progressive version of those all-women planets you used to see in old sci-fi B movies.

A new article on Time runs down all the other female-led series coming out of Marvel soon, like a Spider-Gwen series that retells the Spider-Man story with Gwen Stacy being the one getting that fateful spider bite, although I fear what that means for her uncle. There’s also a Princess Leia Star Wars series in the works, because, you know, Disney owns pop culture now.

So, expect a lot more women in comics, both of the fictional and non-fictional variety—the A-Force series will be written by G. Willow Wilson (the writer behind Kamala Khan) and Marguerite Bennett. Anyway, it’s high time that women in comics stopped being a groundbreaking thing and started being a normal thing. Sure, it took the higher-ups realizing that there’s boatloads of cash in it for the movement to really get kicked into high gear, but that’s just the way things go with money, isn’t it?

In other comics news, some dude is getting added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I dunno, whatever.