Samsung Curved 4K UHD HU9000 Review – This 4K TV Will Blow Your Mind

When Samsung first debuted their curved TVs, the world gasped in awe. Their Curved 4K UHD HU9000 takes that curved design and ups the ante with a UHD resolution display. But is this 4K TV really worth 4 grand? Yes. And here’s why.

1. UHD Content and Upscaling

4K content on the UHD HU9000 looks absolutely brilliant. That said, the amount of 4K content available out there is still quite limited. We did however try streaming 4k content from Amazon Prime and Netflix onto the HU9000, and the experience took our breath away. To that effect, you can see every wrinkle on Kevin Spacey’s face while watching House of Cards, and it’s both disturbing yet beautiful all at once. Fortunately, despite the fact that there is a limited amount of 4K content available out there now, the HU9000 will upscale content to UHD. That means that even good “old” 1080P content looks amazing when being played back on this TV.

2. The Apps

The Samsung Smart TV eco-system offers one of the most comprehensive app catalogs you’ll find on a smart TV. So aside from the big players like Netflix and Hulu, you’ll find everything from the Seagate Media app, to the Time Warner Cable app, and plenty of other useful gems that aren’t easily available on other smart TVs.

3. Audio

The built-in speakers on the HU9000 are solid, but using this TV without an external speaker system is kind of like buying a luxury car and not opting for leather seats. Fortunately, Samsung has created a perfect curved sound bar to match the Hu9000 and it’s designed to sit directly in front of it. But not only does the sound bar look pretty, but it adds more dimension and depth to your movies and TV shows.

4. Motion and Voice Control + TONS of other features

The Samsung Smart TV interface is feature rich. So much so that it includes motion and voice control smart interactions. It also has plenty of other features built in, including a web browser, a quad (that means 4!) split screen view option, S-recommendation for receiving personalized TV and movie recommendations, screen mirroring for streaming what’s on your phone onto the TV, and Smart View for transforming your phone or tablet into a second TV.

5. It’s Curvy

Honestly, we’re not all that impressed with the curved design of the HU9000. Don’t get us wrong, it provides an amazing cool factor to the TV that will impress anyone who walks into your living room, but does it actually enhance the viewing experience? It does indeed help create a panoramic effect that helps make the picture feel bigger. But this really only applies if your sitting directly in front of the TV and center to it. Otherwise, that panoramic effect is pretty much lost to those sitting to the side of the TV.

6. Ports

We don’t like feeling short changed, fortunately the UN65HU9000 packs in 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 3 USB ports, as well as 1 Component, 2 Composite ports, and built-in Wi-Fi.

7. Buy it now, get a Free Bonus TV

Seriously. Samsung is offering free 32-Inch TV with purchase of the HU9000 Curved 4K Ultra HD TV, along with a free UHD video pack.

8. The Picture quality will blow your mind.

Forget the bells and whistles. Forget them all. What matters most are the visuals. And that is where the UN65HU9000 positively shines. Colors are vivid and rich, blacks are deep. Sports look great, action movies looks great, and every genre just pops off the screen. This is the TV that dreams are made of.

9. Smart Remote Control

The included smart remote control makes navigating the Samsung Hub interface a lot easier thanks to its built in mic for use with voice commands, and its easy to use touchpad. You can also use the remote like a mouse with point and click functionality.

10. The Design

Aside from its curvaceous good looks, the HU9000 is also super thin and lightweight for such a beast. Samsung has most likely managed to accomplish this by placing all of the ports in the external One Connect box.

So what don’t we like?

While it’s very feature rich and powerful, the Samsung Smart TV interface on the HU9000 can be unintuitive too. For example, we often found ourselves scratching our heads trying to remember how to find new apps. It’s also not nearly as clean and slick as the likes of Roku or Amazon Fire TV’s user interface. That said, we’re sure that Samsung will continue to push useful updates to the TV over time, and that these updates will improve the user interface experience on the TV.

We also recommend doing some calibration out of the box, and turning off the Motion Smoothing, which creates a hyper realistic soap opera effect on whatever you’re watching.


Does curvy mean better? Not necessarily. But in the case of the Samsung Curved 4K UHD HU9000, it’s not its curvaceous design that has us smitten with the TV – but everything else about it. Not only is this TV future proof, but it also offers a stunning cinematic experience that will transform your whole family into couch potatoes. So if you can afford the 4 grand price tag for this UHD TV, you absolutely won’t regret it.

You can pick the TV up on Amazon now for $4497, and Samsung is currently running a special promotion which throws in a free 32” 4K UHD TV with purchase of the HU9000. To top it all off, they are also bundling the TV with a UHD video pack that comes pre-loaded with 10 movies and 30 documentaries. There really has never been a better time to jump on the 4k bandwagon.

Buy it!

The Good: UHD upscaling, stunning visuals, gorgeous thin design, rich with Smart features, matching curved sound bar offers a great complimenting audio experience, instant on means it’s fast – it turns on and off quickly, practically future proof

The Bad: The curve design feels gimmicky, Smart TV user interface needs to be more intuitive to use, voice commands and motion controls are still wonky

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  1. i have this TV in 55″, its not quite “mind blowing” at best side by side with mid range HDTV its almost identical unless you sit closer than maybe 5 feet from the TV. the curve is a blessing and a curse, and really only for reflections, before i used to have to stare at my kitchen light, now its more of a streak across the screen than a blatant mirrored image. sometimes thats good, sometimes not. Dont get me started on 4K content, its all but nonexistant and wont be until at least mid to end of 2015