Sony’s 4K Action Cam First Impressions with Sample Video

At CES last month, Sony announced their 4K Action Cam. Sony’s Action Cam is Sony’s answer to GoPro, but unlike the GoPro, this sports camera is packed with serious Carl Zeiss optics on the inside.

We took the 4K Action Cam for a road test over in Crested Butte, Colorado. And by roads – we actually mean that we used it on the slopes. The 4K Action Cam managed to capture all of our #feats and #fails in 3840 x 2160 glory.

Why do you need a 4K camera for capturing sports? Because fast action sports are really what 4K was made for, and the Action Cam allows you to capture all your crazy stunts and escapades with rich amounts of detail that you could never get before.

We walked (or rather limped) away extremely impressed by how the SteadyShot inside the camera helped stabilize our shots, even when riding on a super fast snow mobile or fumbling on the slopes. The built-in stereo mic is also quite good and does a solid job of cutting out wind noise.

The actual cam is a lot larger in size than the tiny Action Cam Mini we tested a while back, but it’s still quite small and compact enough to mount to your helmet, chest, etc. In the box, Sony includes a waterproof case, but the cam’s body is already splash proof.


$499 might be out of reach for some, but considering you’re getting 4K resolution with Zeiss optics, and a camera that can take a beating, the FDR-X1000V is actually quite reasonably priced. It also packs in GPS. That said, we wholly recommend opting to buy the LiveView Remote RM-LVR2. This remote straps to your wrist and lets you more easily control the video recording while also watching it live on an LCD. This is a must have accessory that makes using the Action Cam a lot more convenient. You can even have 5 action cams work together at once, so that you can literally capture every angle. An upcoming app will make this possible to control all via phone or with the LiveView Remote.

Sony’s 4K Action Cam goes on sale in March.

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