Tyra Banks Helps Fund ScreenPop, a Snapchat Competitor

Once upon a time, Locket tried to get you to put ads on your lock screen by offering you a few pennies per day in exchange. Eh, not really a good time. While Locket is still kicking around in some form, their newest app looks to lighten things up a little by using your lock screen as a home for ephemeral pictures à la Snapchat.

ScreenPop hits Google Play today as an Android exclusive, as are most apps that deal with lock screens. Like Snapchat, you can take pictures in the app, add doodles, emojis and captions, and send them off to friends. The difference is that, instead of getting hit with a backlog of Snaps from friends that end up being a chore to rifle through, you just get one pushed to your lock screen. The picture disappears and is deleted when you unlock your phone, and the next time you look at your lock screen, you’ll get the next picture up. It’s Snapchat, but it doesn’t require the use of an app to check out pictures that get sent to you. It just fits into something you already have to do with your phone anyway—not a bad idea!

The images that get sent to your lock screen don’t cover up your phone’s vitals, either. You’ll still be able to see the time, along with the top notification bar that shows you battery life, coverage status, and the like. It’s just a fun way to change up what you see every time you look at the lock screen of your phone, which is admittedly a lot of times.

There’s no filter on ScreenPop, either, so if you’re worried about friends sending you NSFW pictures while you’re at work, maybe don’t add those friends on ScreenPop. That’s no fun, though. You should definitely add those friends.

Speaking of friends, Locket has quite a few wealthy ones. ScreenPop was partly made possible by a hefty $3.2 million funding round that closed last year. That funding came from a varied group of investors headlined by Tyra Banks and Turner Broadcasting Systems. Good friends to have!

ScreenPop looks promising in the early going. In a limited beta that launched as Bunch in November of last year, the app picked up over 10,000 users, so we know the interest is definitely there. Those users are now being rolled into ScreenPop, which just went live on Google Play today as a free download.

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