What’s the Hidden Secret Behind this Ottoman?

IKEA is unimpeachable. Minimalism is what the people want, and IKEA delivers with reasonable prices and pretty cool looking stuff. It looks good without being ostentatious, and there’s a lot of virtue in that.

But, as much as we love the Swedish crack at furniture, don’t sleep on what Italy has to offer. Or, do sleep on it. The north of Italy is renowned for its design houses, but you might just associate that with fashion. That would be a mistake—Italy makes some pretty sweet furniture, too, and we’re liking what long-time furniture design house Campeggi has to offer these days.

With IKEA, we get simple furniture that serves its purpose competently and stylishly. But, that’s not where our heads are in 2015. In a world of 2-in-1 devices and smart home arrays that we can piece together at will, we’re all about multi-purpose stuff. After all, most of us aren’t milling about multi-room mansions. Space is coming at a premium, and multi-purpose stuff saves an awful lot of room. And, from the looks of it, few are doing it much better than Campeggi right now.



Funky contrasting sofa? Nah. The Tandem folds open and becomes a mini restaurant booth, and yeah, that table is tucked away inside the sofa itself.



For those that work from home (well-named!). The middle section is a chair that fits in flush with the rest of the table, allowing it go from a table to a writing desk.

Deep Attention and Sleep



This one is a comfortable little nook you can hide away in if you need some alone time. When alone time becomes sleeping time, the back of the nook pops out and can serve as a mattress.

Lazy Basketball


Now we’re getting into the good stuff. Lazy Basketball is a mesh-backed chair that extends way up high and becomes a basketball net. No backboard, so sorry, but the bank is permanently closed if you get this one.



This lounge chair hides away a small ottoman underneath the seat. Perfect if you have company. Maybe not perfect for back support, but hey, don’t underestimate the value of an extra seat. Or an extra mattress, for that matter—there’s a rolled-up airbed stored in the ottoman, too.



Someone need a place to crash? They can sit on this armchair, then roll it out into a mattress when it’s time to get some shut-eye.



If you live in a studio, your bed is your best friend and your worst enemy. It’s a space hog, but it doesn’t have to be—the Ercolino is a soft bed that can be put up into a standing position after you get up, revealing a set of storage slots.



The Airpouf is probably our favorite Campeggi piece. What’s the hidden secret behind this ottoman? Storage drawers? Roll out mattress? Nah—vacuum cleaner. The ottoman itself is a vacuum cleaner, with a hose attachment that fits into one of the holes covered by those little balls on the surface.

Pet Cave


Small quarters don’t mean you have to sacrifice having a pet. The Pet Cave is a tiny niche for pets carved into a small bookshelf. It even comes with a cushion for your little companion!