Aiwa is Back From the Dead

In what I can only assume is the culmination of a decade-long plot by Sony to milk Aiwa for brand nostalgia by killing it and resurrecting it nine years later, we have new Aiwa stuff! You might remember Aiwa as an electronics company big into audio equipment before business dried up and they were bought by Sony, who promptly did nothing with them. So, what’s an ancient audio brand to do in 2015?

They’ll pick up where they left off. Aiwa was always known for their large home speakers, and while the new Exos-9 ditches the classic funky angles and curves of the old Aiwa speakers, it still looks like its filling the same hole as the brand did nine years ago. The flush black and grey speaker system looks to be classic Aiwa on the inside, though, with tons of power that should translate into big sound.

The Exos-9 has 100 watts of power bi-amplified, channeled through two 1″ silk dome tweeters, two 3″ neodymium midrange drivers and one 6.5″ dual voice coil subwoofer. There’s also a bass reflex port and acoustically isolated midrange chambers, which should help with sound clarity, preventing things from getting distorted and muddled. The frequency floor of 40 Hz might leave some especially picky audiophiles wanting, but for everyone else, this looks like a pretty solid sound machine that should get loud.

The Exos-9 works with NFC and Bluetooth, with support for A2DP and the aptX codec. There’s still a 3.5 mm auxiliary port for wired input, but it doesn’t sound like there will be a USB input port or a disc drive, so input will be limited to whatever you have on your laptop or mobile device. There is a USB port, but it’s only for firmware updates or for charging other devices. There will be plenty of battery life to go around for the latter—the Exos-9 has a nine hour battery life and comes with an equally large backup battery pack you can swap in.

The Aiwa Exos-9 is available for preorder today for $299.99, with shipping slated for sometime this summer.


  1. Hello Mr. Joe Born, I want to Thank You for bringing Aiwa back….Aiwa has Always been in a Class by themselves….Great Mini Shelf Stereos…..I really enjoy my Aiwa stereos…love the Awesome sound…Plus the Style, and The Lites….Pretty display at night….May God Richly Bless You And Aiwa, Your Friend, Jeff….elcamino_usa_1@yahoo.com