Big Hero 6 Baymax is Now a Helpful LED Lamp

He’s good for more than just karate and big screen heroics—Baymax from Big Hero 6 is ready to light up your bedside table. Don’t worry, though, this Baymax LED lamp still knows some karate moves, too.

Baymax, ever the helpful robot, can you help you get to work and get to sleep. The lamp has five modes of use, including fade, smooth breathing, flash, multi-effects, and smooth sleep, the latter of which gradually dims the light over 12 minutes. He’s the ideal nightlight, which definitely seems like it would be in Baymax’ wheelhouse.

Anyway, onto those karate moves. Baymax might not be able to spring to life, but you can move around his arms and head to at least get him in a good karate pose. Points for staying true to the character, there.

The Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED Lamp is available on Brando now for $49.

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