Lenmar ChugPlug 65 External Battery Pack for MacBook Pro – Review

We see a lot of external battery packs for mobile devices around these parts, but not too many for laptops, and especially not for Macbooks. Fortunately, Lenmar’s ChugPlug has Mac users covered, though, with a pretty hefty external battery designed for use with 45W and 60W MagSafe adapters.

The ChugPlug 65 works with any model of MacBook Air plus and the 13″ MacBook Pro, but not the higher-wattage 15″ MacBook Pro (or 17″, if you’re still running with one of those). The 65 in the name refers to the battery capacity, 65 Watt-hours (about 4,000 mAh, according to Lenmar). According to ChugPlug, that translates into four hours of battery life for the 11″ MacBook Air and three hours of battery life for the 13″ MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

We appreciate that the ChugPlug is designed to compliment the MacBook’s power adapter, and to look like an extension of it – albeit, a very big extension. To that effect, the ChugPlug 65 is pretty big, so it’ll be a little cumbersome to travel around with. But on the bright side, it fits in right between your MagSafe adapter and an A/C cable, so it’ll be easy enough to keep it charged when you’re in range of an outlet.


The ChugPlug 65 is available straight from Lenmar for $130 – or just $103 on Amazon. If you’re hoping for something that will work with a 15″ MacBook Pro, Lenmar has indicated that an external battery pack for higher-wattage Apple notebooks is in the works, so you’ll have to sit tight or look elsewhere for now.


The reality is that there are a VERY limited selection of choices out there when it comes to Battery packs for the MacBook Air and Pro. As a matter of fact, the only other alternatives we are aware of are of pricier external battery packs from HyperMac. And at the end of the day, while the  ChugPlug 65 is not the most compact solution, it’s a viable one.

Buy it!

The Good: Designed to match the MacBook adapter, adds up to 3 additional hours of battery to your MacBook on the go, one of the only battery pack solutions out there for the MacBook Pro, reasonably priced.

The Bad: You still need to carry around your MacBook power adapter and cable to use it