Ditch the Les Paul for the Super Mario Guitar

Next time you sit down to make a YouTube video of yourself playing as obscure of a theme as possible from a Mario game, make sure you’ve got the right guitar in hand. We’re talking about this custom-made Mario Guitar from Etsy seller AustralianGamers, and it’s a must for any musically-inclined Mario fan.

First of all, though, props to AustralianGamers for using the perpetually underappreciated Paper Mario series as the main inspiration instead of going with the 8-bit flow, which has been done to death multiple times. All the better, then, that this guitar is no slouch as an instrument. It’s a full 24-fret guitar with full floating tremolo and a locking neck. There are a few nice extra design touches, too, including some pretty cool 8-bit mushroom inlays on the fretboard. We’ll excuse the use of 8-bit there, because actually, this guitar is a subtle celebration of Mario’s entire career—the Super Mario logo on the headstock is the one that debuted in Super Mario 64.


Because it’s a custom made-to-order item, you even have some wiggle room to make custom design specifications. Whatever you choose, you’ll get the same solid materials—basswood in the body, maple on the neck and ebony on the fingerboard.

The Mario Guitar costs $444.44 on Etsy, and according to the seller, usually arrives four to five weeks after an order has been placed.

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