Moda 3D Printer Applies Your Make-Up for You in 30 Seconds

Being that we follow technology pretty closely around here, we don’t usually get too surprised at the next new gadget. Every once in a while, though, something comes out that just doesn’t seem like it should be possible yet. Today, that something is a machine that scans your face and puts on makeup for you. In a world where we like to say we have Jetsons stuff but actually don’t, the Foreo Moda is some genuine Jetsons stuff, just without the robotic arms using brushes and pencils and all that, because apparently, we’re past that.

Moda 1

What magick makes this possible? The Foreo Moda combines 3D scanning with 3D printing and an app to make it happen. Using the app, you can choose a look from pictures online, including from social media networks, and load that up into the Moda for analysis. Then, you stick your head in the Moda, which looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in an optometrist’s office. Much like what you see in an optometrist’s office, the Moda has a chinrest and a bit up top to keep your forehead stable, so your head won’t move around too much. That’s key for what happens next—the Moda will scan your face before, not kidding, directly applying makeup to your face to match the look that you uploaded, using 3D printing technology. In 30 seconds flat, everything will be applied and you’ll be ready to go.

So, what’s the deal with that makeup getting printed on your face? Foreo says it’s a sort of makeup ink made from FDA-approved and skin-safe minerals. That said, it’s not just a matter of spraying your face with the stuff and calling it a day. The makeup will be applied in layers, starting with primer and foundation before adding color.

Moda 3 steps

I don’t know, man. I don’t even know whether or not to recommend this, first of all because I’m a non-makeup-wearing dude, and second of all because there’s nothing to compare this to at the moment. I have no idea how Foreo’s mineral-based inks will look, so it’s going to take some brave souls to take the plunge on this thing. Even if they don’t look as great as store-bought cosmetics, the amount of time you’d save could still be worth it. You’d have to keep your head really still for those 30 seconds, but it seems like the design of the device has accounted for that.

Foreo Moda is currently available by invite only, and we’re not sure how much it’ll cost you if you do get an invite. If you’re one of those brave souls, you can sign up for an invite on the Foreo website. Considering that Foreo’s previous products were a hifalutin exfoliator and an electric toothbrush, the Moda definitely comes as a surprise, but it’s worth getting excited about as a sign of things to come, if nothing else.