10 Reasons Why You’ll Love the HTC One M9 [Review]

chipchickpick1HTC has a new flagship phone and it has been released just in time to go head to head with the Galaxy S6. So it will be interesting to see how these two high-end Android phones battle it out. In any case, the M9 improves on the HTC One M8 by stepping up the ante in many areas. So without further ado, here are our favorite things about the new HTC One M9.

1.  Dual Finish Design Inspired by Jewelry

Hey, it’s not the first gadget we’ve seen that has a design inspired by jewelry (think the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3), and that isn’t a bad thing at all. That said, the HTC One M9 improves upon its predecessor’s beautiful tough aluminum unibody design by throwing on a dual-finish that is made using a double anodizing process. The result is a beautiful body that isn’t just pretty, but tough too.

2. It has a Satisfying Grip

The M9 has also been designed to be more ergonomic to hold this time around, and we’ve found this to be very true. Not only is it more comfortable to grip, but it feels more planted in your hand and also less slippery to hold. Furthermore, the 5” 441 PPI display allows for a form factor that should fit most hands comfortably. Overall, it’s not so large that it would fall in to the phablet category, but it’s still got plenty of screen real estate. And to help shrink the size, HTC also shrank the display’s border.

3. Cool Camera Filters and Effects

HTC One M9 has taken the Ultrapixel camera from the M9 and pushed it into the front facing camera on the M9. The rear-facing camera on is now a 20MP camera that is super fast to snap shots. 20MP means that you can zoom in later and crop a photo without sacrificing much image quality. Even cooler is all of the neat built-in effects that are built into the camera app, such as double exposure, or particles with adjustable shapes. Sure, you could accomplish these filer effects with an app, but we appreciate having it built into the actual camera app.


4. Sapphire Glass Lens Cover Prevents Scratches

While we’re on the subject of the rear-facing camera, another welcome feature of the M9 design is that the rear facing camera’s lens cover is made of sapphire glass which prevents micro scratches. That means that over time, the photos you take won’t degrad from lens scratches. This is something that most other phones don’t take into consideration in their design.

5. You Can Make it Yours

HTC has built a theming engine in to HTC Sense 7 with tools that let you really personalize your phone. Sure, there are plenty of apps out there that let you customize your Android theme, but most of them are pretty complex to use, and HTC wants everyone to be able to make their phone’s U.I. more personal.

To that effect, you can use their tools to generate a theme based on an image, and even choose from different icon sets, fonts, ringtones, HTC app wallpapers, and color schemes. Afterwards you can share this theme with others online. HTC has also set up a super easy to use web based app for making your own themes from your desktop.

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