Drop Your Phone in the Toilet? HTC Uh Oh Has You Covered

If a smartphone winding up in the toilet or with a cracked screen one week into purchase are things that happen to you with some frequency, HTC is offering up a new kind of warranty program with the HTC One M9 that you might want to check out. Appropriately called HTC Uh Oh, it just might save the accident prone a fair bit of money.

HTC Uh Oh comes with any purchase of the HTC One M9, and guarantees one free replacement phone in the event of water damage or a cracked screen within 12 months of purchase. You can only avail of Uh Oh once, and your replacement phone will be the same color and configuration as your old one, but it’s a pretty terrific deal for anyone that’s ever been bummed out by early damage to a shiny new phone.

A sneaky great addition to Uh Oh is that the same guarantee is made to those who want to switch carriers. If you need to switch between AT&T and Verizon, for example, you can send in your GSM phone and get a CDMA phone in return, but again, you can only take advantage of that once.

There’s even good news here for phone owners that manage to prevent their phones from coming to harm. If in that 12-month period you don’t use Uh Oh, you’ll get a $100 credit toward the purchase of a future HTC One phone. Everyone wins!

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