Evernote’s Jot Script 2 Stylus is Optimized for Penultimate, Works Like an Actual Pen

Back when Evernote launched their Evernote Market, we noticed that one of the first new products to show up was the Jot Script, a stylus made in partnership with Adonit. Today, they’re announcing the latest version of that stylus, with an improved battery and more faithful rendering of your scrawling—er, handwriting.

The original Jot Script was a welcome sight in the stylus world. The stylus was one of the first for iOS devices that featured a pen-sized nib, instead of a larger, less-precise rubber tip. That allowed for some serious sketching and handwriting—it’s worth noting that this isn’t a digitizer stylus, but one that faithfully reproduces your own handwriting. If you have messy handwriting, the Jot Script isn’t going to help you. But, if you like the comfort of handwritten notes, or you need a good implement for digital sketching, there’s not much better than the Jot Script for iPad owners.


The Jot Script 2 has some welcome improvements. While the previous version required one AAA battery to function, the new stylus is now powered by a rechargeable battery. That battery is only good for 20 hours of writing time, but can be fully recharged in 45 minutes wirelessly using a USB dongle. The inclusion of a rechargeable battery has also allowed the team to make the stylus slimmer and lighter, so it’s a nice upgrade overall.

The stylus’ Pixelpoint tracking technology has gotten an update, too. Part of what makes the Jot Script work despite having such a small nib is that a Bluetooth connection is required (otherwise taps and strokes wouldn’t be recognized on iOS devices). That’s still true, but as long as that Bluetooth connection is active, the Jot Script 2 will now be able to track and communicate strokes faster and more smoothly. That will make a small difference for note-takers, but it should be great for anyone who uses the stylus for sketching.

Like the original Jot Script, the Jot Script 2 has been optimized to work with Penultimate, Evernote’s handwriting app, but this time it’s been tweaked to work more smoothly with third party apps like Noteshelf and Goodnotes, too. You’ll also get the benefit of six months of Evernote Premium for free with purchase.

The Jot Script 2 works with iOS devices (no word on an Android version) and is available now for $75, the same price as the original Jot Script at launch. The Penultimate app has also been updated, and is still available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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