ModiFace App Is Makes Trying on Cosmetics Way Easier

It took us a while to get there, but we’re finally seeing some genuinely cool stuff come out of augmented reality. The latest effort is from ModiFace—their team has created a new app that uses AR to help you try on makeup without actually trying it on, and while they aren’t the first to roll something like this out, the new app definitely looks like one of the most promising efforts.

ModiFace debuted at CES 2014, where they showed off an early version of their 3D Augmented Reality Makeup and Anti-Aging Mirror, which they had planned to deploy in the form of retail kiosks at makeup counters. Today, they’re making that technology more personal by putting it in an iOS app. An update to their MakeUp app has brought the same 3D head tracking technology to iPhones, making it possible to virtually try on cosmetics and different hairstyles. The colors are rendered realistically enough to where you can get a sense of what you’ll look like with the real thing on, instead of looking like an obvious overlay. The effects persist even when you move or turn your head, so you can get a full, 3D sense of what you’ll look like.

You can now also use a shade matching tool. The tool will use your iPhone’s front camera to scan either the color of your face or the color of any cosmetics products you have laying around, so you can see exactly what they’ll look like on you before applying them. And, as before, you can still upload a picture and apply effects in 2D, as well.

ModiFace is also showing off a new, smaller version of the Mirror. The ModiFace Mirror includes the same 3D head tracking and shade matching features of the app, but adds a few useful tools that makeup counter proprietors can use, too. The Mirror will activate automatically when it detects someone walking up to it, and can generate automatic recommendations from just a glance at the customer’s face. The customer can get a look at those recommendations before trying out ModiFace’s selection of virtual cosmetics products. Partnerships with beauty brands will enable Modiface to integrate those brands’ products into the Mirror, too.

If you run your own makeup counter or manage a chain store, you can look into buying a ModiFace Mirror here. Otherwise, you can check out their updated MakeUp app for free.